Narrow Tier Blood Bowl League feed Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN Thu, 22 Mar 2018 23:30:48 +0000 OBBLM 0.96 Announcement by mobo: NTBBL has moved! 2018-03-02 13:52:33 Match: The Turkeys of Doom (1) vs. Itza Dino-Might (2) It's probably not fair to call this bloodbowl final a rivalry. Even though the coaches have been friends since they were young elves/tadpoles, even though the teams play a grudge match between every season, the reason this can't be a rivalry is because in 6+ matches the Slann have always managed to emerge victorious Their routes to the Bloodbowl were different. The Elves squeaked into the final, battered and bruised, at the last moment whereas the Slann were the clear winners of their group having fought off some goblin weapons of mass distruction. The teams were fairly well matched team value wise as the Elves had two injured catchers watching from the dugout. The weather was sweltering as the elves kicked to the Slann, the weather changed- it some how got even hotter. The Slann, decided to celebrate their first touchdown on turn 2, but the exertion sent four players to the bench with heat stroke. The elves should have scored easily but the Slann made desperation sacks at every opertunity, stealing the ball three times before the elves were able to score in turn 6, with the Slann exausted of rerolls and a few KOs Rather than stalling, the elves hoped to use a special play to steal the ball and go 2-1 up. The suicide blitz did its job but the Slann were able to recover the ball. The elves tried their hardest to cover the Slann receivers but the Slann offence would not be denied - the long ball was caught successfully by a blitzer in the end zone. The elves best player was killed on turn 9 (but the apothecary was able to restart his heart) and the elves tried and tried in the second half to move the ball up the field but the Slanns diving tackle/jump up blitzers controlled the field while the leaping strip ballers attacked the ball carriers. An opertunity to set up a score for the next turn emerged in turn 14 but the Kroxigor was able to save the game by pinning the catcher with the ball against the sideline. With no way to make the hand off to the scoring receiver other than to just hope for decent dice, the elf tripped and fell and the Slann catcher through three rhe ball to an empty space. The elves had one last trick up their sleeve, making some crazy GFIs to engineer a crowdpush the elves attempted to punt an end to end touchdown which went out of bounds. The Slanns swarming defense and he who dares win attitude beat out the more conservative elves. The last remaining Slann players used their remaining turn to gather around the Krox at the half way line and celebrate a well deserved Bloodbowl championship and look forward to defending their title next season 2018-02-14 10:07:22 Match: Sotek's Shadows (0) vs. Ladies of Lust (0) Cleaned-up by commish 2018-02-13 08:53:36 Match: Great Danes (1) vs. Dirty Bandages (0) A match of winning despite the odds! It all started horrible, with a perfect defence against the norse, followed by the Yhetee double skulling, and getting cas'd by fouling. This was followed shortly after by an Ulfwerener getting killed. By halftime the Khemri were closer to scoring and had caused 4 cas. Kicking in the second half, some fan decided the norse needed more punishment, and a rock hit the norse, mng'ing another guy making it 6 vs 11 on the field. Somehow, a slippery ball and some elfy bullshit led to Mads 'The Cannibal' Mikkelsen stealing the ball, and the norse going up 1-0, which they somehow managed to keep till the end, for a famous victory! Thanks for the great game Michael. 2018-02-10 20:25:48 Match: Killers (1) vs. Delting (3) Thanks for the game. The humans most have been watching some elf games before the match, they were dodging all over the place. Very few failed dodges saved them multiple times 2018-02-08 09:51:50 Match: Snottown Crushers (2) vs. Supervixen (3) The game wasn't as close as the score as the dark elves capitalized on the numerous mistakes of the Ogres. The ogres scored on the last play to keep it least on the scoreboard 2018-02-06 18:05:59 Match: Gobpoppers (1) vs. Jurasic Thunder (1) Good game, gobbos couldn't quite hold out for a win. 2018-02-05 19:03:01 Match: Tomb Town Travelers (0) vs. Scrats (3) The Scrats opted to receive to get an early score on the board, they managed it and then got another two turnover scores following lucky sacks in the first half. Unfortunately we didn't have the time to play the second, but by then it was over as a contest. 2018-02-03 16:20:20 Match: GlamRok Clan (2) vs. Morgul Maniacs (0) OK by me! And I don't think I've ever played a game with so much AV broken, about 10 of the first 13. 2018-02-03 11:16:14 Match: Old World Kings (1) vs. The Iron Ladies (1) The Old World Kings struggled to get past the hypnotic gaze and dodge of the Amazons, though they did remove the Amazon killer early in the half and eventually pulled off a fluke pass play to score on turn 8. The Amazons scored easily early in the second half. The Amazons put the vampires under a lot of pressure and eventually stole the ball. They made a turn 7 break for it getting within squares of the end zone but the vampires managed to steal it and get within 6 squares of their own end zone in a turn. The amazons sacked the ball carrier but the Vampires had a turn to tie the game. After deliberating between 3+ pass and 2+ catch, or 2+ gfi for, 2+ pass and 2+ catch for several minute the vampire coach chose the wrong option and the game ended in a tie. 2018-02-01 17:32:44 Match: Itza Dino-Might (2) vs. Redcap Runners (1) The Slann jumped all over the place and the Goblins could not hurt them. They went two-nil up in the first half. Goblins scored and had a slim chance of equalizing. Having knocked the ball loose Nozz the Fanatic tried to push the Slann catcher out the way. He succeeded but fell down which made the pass attempt mute. 2018-02-01 13:38:54 Match: Dark Side of the Pitch (2) vs. The Mighty Blow's (1) This was the deciding game for group C. The dark elves scored easily and decisively half way through the first half. The Norse retaliated with ineffectual pushes, which the Elves countered with ineffectual dodging which somehow allowed a score at the end of turn 8. Having tried elf columns, the elves went for elf swarm in the second half and overwhelmed the Norse with guard and sidestep, The Norse had a chance to break through and into a strong position around turn 4 but this meant a dreaded big guy blitz - however the score should be a clue about how well that went. The ball carrier was sacked in turn 6, stolen in turn 7 and just needed to not roll snake eyes in turn 8 for the win... 6! Then came a torrent of 1's, double 1 for winnings and double 1 for fan factor. The Dark Elves deservedly win the group, while the Norse are filled with hatred and loathing of elves 2018-01-30 08:37:53 Match: Stockholm Bombers (1) vs. No Future (2) Fun game and second lose for the Bombers. Thanks for the game 2018-01-29 15:46:33 Match: Soft and Cuddly (2) vs. Mohagany Mohawks (2) Odd game, where neither team were very good at what they ought to do best. First kick-off the fans decimated Soft and Cuddly in a massive pitch invasion, leaving just 4 players standing, and only one able to reach the ball - so the elves quickly capitalized and scored. Slightly frazzled Soft and Cuddly set up again - only to be hit by another massive pitch invasion, this time 5 players were left standing. However, this time the kick was a bit deeper and closer to a Chaos player, so the ball actually got picked up. This led the elves to a more cautious approach rather than going straight for the ball. Soft and Cuddly slowly recovered and started their trundle up the field, causing no damage what so ever. However, as the elves dodged back, an ill timed snakes roll opened up the defense and Chaos could score on turn 8. Second half, the elves scored quickly, and the Chaos team took another slow advance with basically no damage inflicted. And again, the elves failed just enough rolls for Soft and Cuddly to move forward and score on turn 16. 2-2. End of season. 2018-01-27 08:20:54 Match: The Dandy Lions (1) vs. Temple of Doom (1) Close game. Good game. In the first half, The Lions played a tight defense and the Khemri team had a hard time advancing. In the end, under pressure, the ball carrier moved to the sideline, and the wardancer moved in and knocked the ball lose (before tripping, getting KOd and never returning). In the end the elves scored on defense. Second half Things were looking very good for the Lions, and the head coach decided to set up for a quick pass SPP for the new thrower. This decision, and an absolute deluge of horrible rolls meant that the elves lost the ball, failed all chances to recover, and ended up settling for the tie. Kind of felt like a loss. Now I just hope that the other title contender match doesn't end in a tie, because in that case I managed to throw away first place in the Group. 2018-01-25 13:32:31 Match: Yog-Sothoth Beardies (2) vs. Prehysteria (1) Prehysteria received first and was able to take advantage of a touchback to make a Saurus the ball carrier. Despite their efforts, the Yog-Sothoth Beardies were powerless to stop the Saurus' march to the touchdown line, or to actually really hurt a skink. All they could do was pressure the lizards in scoring in turn 6 rather than stalling longer. The hobgoblins when then able to carry the ball deep behind the lizards' lines, and although they were then stopped by a strong Saurus, Marguerite, one of the bull-centaurs, was then able to pick the ball and carry it past the touch-down line just before the end of the half. The second half started very badly for the Chaos Dwarves, with Ga, the sure-hands hobo, failing to secure the ball and a skink squiggling through the defense and managing to get the ball. Alas, the poor skink got knocked-out, and the ball went back to the Yog-Sothoth Beardies. This got the Krox very angry, and he nearly killed Miny, Yog-Sothoth Beardies star blocker, who was saved by the Apothecary but will still have to rest during next game. Despite knocking out most of the skinks, the Chaos Dwarves were under strong pressure from the Lizardmen and decided to score early, in turn 5, rather than risk being stuck with a draw. A riot delayed the next kick, and at first it seemed that the skinks were going to be able to wriggle their way to the touchdown line, but a rather lucky hobo managed to block the ball carrier and have him drop the ball out of the field. The Yog-Sothoth Beardies continued to be lucky, with the ball being sent back in the midst of their players, allowing a Hobo to pick it up and hand it over to Pâquerette, the other bull centaur, who was able to run deep into the Lizardmen lines, securing the final score of 2-1. Undefeated, the Yog-Sothoth Beardies end the play-offs at the top of their group. 2018-01-21 11:34:35 Match: Blockers by choice (2) vs. Tree Huggers (1) The Blockers By Choice remain undefeated in this group, after playing the very inept Tree Huggers. Strength was on the side of the dwarves, and agility obviously not with the Elves who missed most of their dodges. The game started fairly classically, with the Elves receiving the ball and the dwarves bashing them, scaring (and scarring) them to force them to score in the third turn. Then, the grinding machine started. By the end of the first half, when the Blockers scored their first touch down, three elves had been sent to the infirmary, including a Wardancer with a smashed collar bone and the Catcher with a damaged back, while the other Wardancer had managed to KO himself. No amount of Bloodweiser could bring the Wardancer back, so the elves started the second half with a team of 6 linemen and a tree vs a full team of dwarves. Two of the linemen were quickly KO'd, and the rest of the team, apart from the rooted tree, spent their time wriggling in pain on the ground or emulating Sir Robin. By the end of the drive, a third lino had been badly hurt. Hope was low for the few remaining elves, and thing got worst when they got blitzed by the dwarves. Yet, the dwarves didn't manage to do more significant damage, and the elves had a little time to play ball before having to admit defeat, for the tenth time in a row. Congratulations to the Blockers By Choice for finishing first of the group. 2018-01-12 12:36:17 Match: Testery (0) vs. The Iron Ladies (4) Lots of KOs and CASs for the Zons made it a bit one-sided. 2018-01-10 17:58:01 Match: Memes (0) vs. Gobpoppers (0) Game Abandoned. 2018-01-08 16:57:30 Match: Delting (2) vs. Scrats (1) Thanks for he gmae, Skaven were unlucky with there rolls and all the extra inducment money really helped out the humans 2018-01-08 09:14:17