Narrow Tier Blood Bowl League feed Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN Thu, 18 Jan 2018 00:09:56 +0000 OBBLM 0.96 Match: Blockers by choice (2) vs. Tree Huggers (1) The Blockers By Choice remain undefeated in this group, after playing the very inept Tree Huggers. Strength was on the side of the dwarves, and agility obviously not with the Elves who missed most of their dodges. The game started fairly classically, with the Elves receiving the ball and the dwarves bashing them, scaring (and scarring) them to force them to score in the third turn. Then, the grinding machine started. By the end of the first half, when the Blockers scored their first touch down, three elves had been sent to the infirmary, including a Wardancer with a smashed collar bone and the Catcher with a damaged back, while the other Wardancer had managed to KO himself. No amount of Bloodweiser could bring the Wardancer back, so the elves started the second half with a team of 6 linemen and a tree vs a full team of dwarves. Two of the linemen were quickly KO'd, and the rest of the team, apart from the rooted tree, spent their time wriggling in pain on the ground or emulating Sir Robin. By the end of the drive, a third lino had been badly hurt. Hope was low for the few remaining elves, and thing got worst when they got blitzed by the dwarves. Yet, the dwarves didn't manage to do more significant damage, and the elves had a little time to play ball before having to admit defeat, for the tenth time in a row. Congratulations to the Blockers By Choice for finishing first of the group. 2018-01-12 12:36:17 Match: Testery (0) vs. The Iron Ladies (4) Lots of KOs and CASs for the Zons made it a bit one-sided. 2018-01-10 17:58:01 Match: Memes (0) vs. Gobpoppers (0) Game Abandoned. 2018-01-08 16:57:30 Match: Delting (2) vs. Scrats (1) Thanks for he gmae, Skaven were unlucky with there rolls and all the extra inducment money really helped out the humans 2018-01-08 09:14:17 Match: The Turkeys of Doom (2) vs. No Gain No Pain (1) The elves were all over the pitch, and the chaos dwarves were too late beating them up! 2018-01-07 22:42:04 Match: Southern Belles (0) vs. Soft and Cuddly (1) Hard fought game. The cuddlies took quite the beating, but managed to hold on to their 1st half lead - their strength compensating for the lost players. First half was a Classic long grinding turn 8 score. Second half saw the Amazons pressing their numbers advantage, but as they also dropped the ball on the LOS, an ugly scrum ensued, end neither team ever really regained control of the ball. 2017-12-29 10:39:22 Match: The Turkeys of Doom (2) vs. Tomb Town Travelers (0) The elves received the ball and stalled in the back field for a few turns. Just before they made their move a pit trap caused the QB to stumble but they were able to recover and stall out the half near the TD line before a turn 8 score. The khemri team came very close to pulling off a remarkable 1 turn TDD. With only 9 players, The Elves kicked deep and the ball stayed in play and so the Khemri team started their drive very deep in their own half and an early pit trap meant that their position was rarely fully secure. It took three turns to get the ball to the half way line where the first sack happened, however turn four saw a nice secure cage formed just into the front field. The elves had to use every ounce of speed to get some players in front of it to slow it down. The Khemri team bulldozed their way through a gap in turn 5, but some good dice meant that the elves were able to get some of their best defensive players around the ball carrier. The Khemri team were able to clear most of the players in turn 6 but failed the 3+ rerollable dodge that would have been a touchdown. The elves were able to blitz he ball into open space but not recover it. the Khemri teams agility failed them again and they were also unable to pick the ball up. The elves finally swooped the ball up and moved it rapidly down the pitch out of range of the Kemri players, only leaving time for the Khemri team to inflict another casualty and the Elves to run the ball over the line at the whistle. An exciting and close game! 2017-12-28 10:34:58 Match: Ladies of Lust (2) vs. Slaanesh Kinksters (2) (added a TD on #10. At some point #11 got a TD belonging to #10. Must remove this at first chance) 2017-12-27 18:08:34 Match: The Dandy Lions (1) vs. The Mighty Blow's (1) Brutal game. The Lions scored early, and when the Blows' snow troll foolish went head to head with Grandfather Oak, the Blows suffered an early turnover - exposing the ball. But as the elves swooped in, they were brutally slaughtered. What had looked like a golden opportunity for the Lions had turned into a halftime equalizer. The Wardancer recovered, but the elves were outnumbered. The grizzled norseman pounded the elves even harder, and in the end only the wardancer, Zara the slayer and a rooted treeman remained. Just enough players to make a stunning defensive play, preventing the turn 16 score. Final result 1-1. 2017-12-25 16:40:44 Match: Northern Crushers (1) vs. The Ulthuan Bolts (2) A friendly match, for the 2 new teams, who wants to get some match experience for the new season. The teams started out equally, but the dwarf coach made a tactical mistake, and at the end the elfs won the match. Unfortunately they picked up a few injuries 2017-12-19 07:22:58 Match: Temple of Doom (2) vs. Wasteland Headhunters (0) The Khorne worshippers were too busy collecting skulls instead of hitting, dodging or scoring. 2017-12-17 21:21:24 Match: Killers (1) vs. No Gain No Pain (0) Not a good game for the chaos dwarves 2017-12-17 21:16:59 Match: No Future (2) vs. Snottown Crushers (0) A short kick and some failed snotling dodges early got the Ogres in trouble early and they were never able to recover. The humans beat on the ogres and snotlings getting them down to 3 to 4 players before scoring at the end of each half. 2017-12-14 19:26:59 Match: Tree Huggers (1) vs. Mohagany Mohawks (3) Another game, another defeat for the Tree Huggers. A typical turn would include the treeman making an interception, then taking root. 2017-12-11 19:39:55 Match: Yog-Sothoth Beardies (2) vs. Stockholm Bombers (0) This was the crunch of the group, a game pitting the two remaining undefeated teams one against the others. A game of speed and wit against brute force and pure hatred. The Yog-Sothoth Beardies were the first to receive, and the Stockholm Bombers kicked-off very strategically alongside the touch line. Even if the Bull-Centaurs were kind of weak, the dwarves managed to stun the whole of the skaven scrum line and to grab the ball. Running through the dwarves, the skavens managed to put some pressure around the ball carrier, who caught fear and run erratically in an unprotected position (whilst the first of the skaven blitzers was KO'd). The Skavens managed to block the ball carrier, but were unable to take control of the ball at first. Although they sent a lineman to the infirmary, the dwarves were not more successful in getting the ball. The ball continued to be pushed around the field for a while, until a passing hobgoblin got hold of it, while a gutter-runner was sent to the infirmary. This was the beginning of the end for the Skavens: all of their efforts to slow the ball carrier only amounted to having two more linemen in the infirmary and one knocked out. The dwarves were so taken by the blood bath that they nearly forgot to score and had to go for it. End of the first half, 1-0. The Skaven were now receiving, with only 8 players still in condition to play, but the Yog-Sothoth Beardies got a blitz, which allowed them to disorganise the Stockholm Bombers first line. After that, the ball carrier had hardly had time to secure the ball that he got stunned, just in front of his own touched down line, by a Bull Centaur supported by a hobgoblin, while to other players were KO'd. Another gutter-runner managed to catch the ball, and the Bull Centaur only could weakly push him behind the Touch-Down line, allowing him to easily dodge to safety. Even if he missed the pass, he did bring the ball deep behind the dwarves line and far from any dwarf player. But if they were slower, the Yog-Sothoth Beardies were also meaner. For a while, they stopped worrying about the ball and played the players, bringing the Stockholm Bombers down to three players on the pitch, two of which were stunned. The last remaining blitzer tried to save the ball, but only managed to knock himself out, allowing the dwarves to easily carry the ball beyond the touch down line. The Skavens then failed to pick-up the ball after the next kick-off, and the very eventful game drew to an end. 2017-12-11 14:14:33 Match: Old World Kings (1) vs. Itza Dino-Might (2) THe vampires couldn't protect themselves against leaping strip ball wrestle frogs. They were able to put three important players in the crowd but they all went to reserve but the Slann still stole the ball and scored. In the second half the vampires rolled a few ones on the first turn so the Slann quickly scored to put the game away HF - agreed the Slann attacked hard in the first half and put the game away early in the second. 2017-12-07 18:52:29 Match: Slaanesh Kinksters (1) vs. Gobpoppers (1) Good first half for the gobbos, but couldn't quite take out enough of the Delves to get a win. 2017-12-06 17:54:38 Match: Tomb Town Travelers (2) vs. Delting (1) Delting took a serious beating in this game, the Khemri were on fire in this game. with 4 players missing for the next game its not looking good for the humans this season. Thanks for the game and grats on the win, thats a deadly team you have there. 2017-12-05 07:15:02 Match: Dark Side of the Pitch (1) vs. The Dandy Lions (0) Wardancer suffered brutal turnover on first play, costing the Dandy Lions both wardancers until halftime, and one of them until the final whistle. It was downhill from there.. 2017-11-30 22:47:45 Match: Mohagany Mohawks (1) vs. The Mighty Zugs (1) A solid game in the pouring rain. The rain didn't slow down either team in the first half with the Elves passing (as they should) for a TD and the humans running the elves into the pitch (5 KOs) for a late first half rushing TD. The second half bogged down in the rain and neither team had the dice to get the ball in the endzone. 2017-11-30 15:30:32