Narrow Tier Blood Bowl League feed Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN Mon, 20 Nov 2017 11:35:56 +0000 OBBLM 0.96 Match: Killers (2) vs. The Turkeys of Doom (0) The Killers beat the snot, and most of the other bodily fluids out of the Turkeys and cruised to an easy victory. 2017-11-18 20:26:40 Match: Tree Huggers (0) vs. Soft and Cuddly (2) Seven games, seven defeats for the Tree Huggers. Under a sweltering heat, the Tree Huggers were first to receive. All seemed to start well, until the second turn, that is. Then, an elf tried a pass, only to see it intercepted by one of the beastmen. From then on, things went downhill for the Woodies. The Beasties scored at the end of the first half after getting rid of a handful of Elves. Even if they were down a few players due to the heat, the Beastmen could count on their strength and their violence to pin the few remaining elves down, using everything they could, including fouling, before scoring their second touchdown. For a moment, it seemed that the elves would be able to finally score a one turn touchdown, until the ball picker tripped. The only thing Soft and Cuddly failed was maiming: as incredible as it may seem, the Tree Huggers will start their next game with a full roster 2017-11-12 22:12:52 Match: Itza Dino-Might (0) vs. Dummy (0) Dummy match so add some spp to the right player and also remove some dead players from the roster 2017-11-11 11:04:41 Match: Itza Dino-Might (0) vs. Dummy (0) Added to bring my roster up to date for the start of the season 2017-11-11 10:45:57 Match: Old World Kings (1) vs. Testery (0) Very exciting game, with the Testerys best catcher getting a broken neck. Had a final break and the end of the match but just couldnt get there. Thanks for the game 2017-11-09 08:20:08 Match: Snottown Crushers (0) vs. Stockholm Bombers (2) Thanks for the game, the ogres were looking good with there positioning but just couldnt get the dice to help them. Rats got lucky this time 2017-11-09 07:47:01 Match: Khornes Flakes (1) vs. Itza Dino-Might (2) As my roster was out of date at the start of this I have a player called Kangaroo that also has 1 comp and 1 cas that i'll add to a dummy game later. 2017-11-08 19:03:02 Match: Wasteland Headhunters (1) vs. The Mighty Blow's (1) A game of major luck swings. At first the Norse were dominant as superior luck allowed them to easily going through armour and removing 6 players in four turns and looking to cruise to an easy victory. Suddenly in the waning turns of the first half the Khorne luck switched and removed several Norse and sacking the ball carrier. The Norse were able to get lucky and pull of an elf play to get the score. Both teams returned enough KO to make it 8 players a side. In the second half, it looked like the Norse would overwhelm the Khorne but when the moment came to make the sack, three consecutive turns of snake eyes and skulls meant the Khorne were able to score an easy TD and even the game. Perfect defense by the Khorne team sealed the draw. 2017-11-06 23:05:19 Match: Rat'vengers (2) vs. Gobpoppers (1) Lost to a final turn TD, close, but not close enough :-( 2017-11-06 19:22:12 Match: Delting (1) vs. The Turkeys of Doom (2) The elves managed to get a defensive steal and TD early on and then got a blitz result on the next kick which nearly doomed the humans, however the humans managed to get the ball back and score at the end of the half. Player attrition was high for the humans and got worse in the second half, with the elves KOing several players alllowing a mostly relaxed stall until a wizard blew apart the cage, resulting in the last couple of turns being very exciting with the elves getting a turn 16 score. With a quick snap the humans almost pulled off the 1TTD but fluffed the pass 2017-11-01 07:23:26 Match: No Gain No Pain (1) vs. Tomb Town Travelers (1) Started out well for the Chaos Dwarves, and almost sacked the Khemri Throraz in 2nd half. But then it turned and suddenly the dwarves went to the cas box instead! 2017-10-29 18:45:06 Match: Southern Belles (2) vs. Tree Huggers (0) Another game, another defeat for the Tree Huggers, proud contenders for the title of worst game of the pitch. Things seemed to start well for the wood elves, who won the toss and got hold of the ball, but by turn 3, a vicious foul by the Southern Belles had managed to send one of the War Dancers to the Infirmary, and the pressure on both the ball carrier and the deep field players became stronger. An easy block completely failed by Bregalad, the treeman, left the ball carrier exposed, and the Amazons were quick to exploit the fault. Although Gorcng Oakenrun, the second wardancer, managed to get hold of the ball again, he failed to get back to security, allowing the Amazons to get hold of the ball. After some nice elvish play, the woodies nevertheless managed to be in a scoring position, were it not for a stupid miscalculation (you can't blitz and pass, for Nuffle's sake). By the end of tour 7, the Amazons were in control of the ball, but it was deep in their field. A failed dodge by an elvish lineman gave them a chance, of which they took advantage with gusto. Dodging and running for all they were worth, they managed to bring the ball behind the elvish lines at the last minute. 1-0 for the Zons at half time. The second half was a pure game of "Whack the elf", and by the end of turn 2, the Amazons where playing 10 to 6, with a rooted treeman to complicate things. Using this to their advantage, they advanced in a slow and solid formation, scoring 2-0 and leaving the elves only a few seconds to score, few seconds they could not even try to take advantage off thanks as they got blitzed by the Amazons. A very well deserved victory for the Southern Belles. 2017-10-24 23:22:39 Match: Testery (1) vs. Itza Dino-Might (2) Norse were out classed, they just couldnt stop the frogs jumping all over them. (#8 on Testery seems to be missing a TD from last season so I have added it here to get him to the right ammount of SPP). 2017-10-15 05:40:47 Match: Yog-Sothoth Beardies (1) vs. Supervixen (1) A weird game, due to serious coaching errors on both sides. The game started with a touchback, allowing one of the bull centaurs to get the ball. Yet, a serious mis-placement at kick-off had resulted in the blocking bull centaur being on the far side, whilst the non-blocking one was on the line of scrimmage. And when, very early in the turn, that non-blocking bull centaur blocked, he got knocked over. A very quick turnover allowed Supervixen to put pressure on the ball carrier, forcing him to slowly retreat. Eventually, the dark elves managed to steal the ball and get a touch down just before half time. By then, two hobgoblins had been sent to the infirmary, and things looked very bleak for the chaos dwarves, even if they had managed to knock out a lineman. Second half started with a blitz, allowing the dwarves to knock-out a second lineman and to bring both teams to an equal number of players. By the end of the second turn, the elves had passed through the dwarven defenses, bringing in the promise of an easy touchdown. But, after a difficult block saved only by a re-roll, the elves chose to push their luck by attempting an easy, yet failed, dodge. The dwarves were able to take advantage of the turn over to catch on the ball carrier, and deprive him of the ball, whilst badly hurting another elf. A failed block at the beginning of the following turn marked the end of all hopes of victory for the elves, who spent most of the end of the half time on the ground. The dedicated hobgoblin ball carrier got his hands on the ball, but got caught by a lone elf who managed to stunned him. Much to everybody's surprise, one of the bull centaurs managed to pick-up the ball (on his second try) and eventually crossed the line with it at the end of the second half, giving the dwarves an un-deserved draw. 2017-10-11 10:30:39 Match: No Gain No Pain (2) vs. Delting (0) That was a blood bath. Delting were trampled and stomped on well and truly, didn't stand a chance against the mighty 'No Gain No Pain Thanks for the game and grats on the win 2017-10-09 08:15:53 Match: Gobpoppers (1) vs. Ladies of Lust (2) Great first half by the gobbos meant they could get the score. Not so great second half meant they lost, again... 2017-10-07 00:14:39 Match: The Mighty Blow's (2) vs. Da Orcshire Rippaz (0) Both teams had friendly fans, and so many players went in the crowd. The majority of this game was played with 6-8 players a team and the Norse's block skill and speed outweighed the Orcs strength due two the early loss of two black orcs Last time these teams met it was 2-0 to the Orcs and Erik, a Norse lineman killed an Orc. This time it was 2-0 to the Norse and the Orcs killed Erik 2017-10-04 14:17:33 Match: Soft and Cuddly (0) vs. Blockers by choice (3) Horrible game for Soft and Cuddly. Took 2 casualties on the first 2 turn. Nothing worked. Case in point: Lined up just 7 players after the 0-2 score. Got Blitzed. Quad-bothdowned the first block. Dwarfs scored to 3-0. Yikes. 2017-10-02 10:26:16 Match: Old World Kings (2) vs. Redcap Runners (2) Crazy game of back and forth with Goblins knocking the ball loose but not being able to keep hold of it. Then on the final drive the Vampires managed to knock the ball loose, the Pogo retrieves it but gets knocked down. The ball bounces to the Blitzing Vamp, who had not followed up, he fumbles it to the only remaining Goblin who catches (on a six) and then dodges away and scores the equaliser on the last turn! 2017-10-01 20:52:09 Match: Scrats (3) vs. The Turkeys of Doom (3) Last time these teams met there were 6 TD's scored - however 5 of these were by the skaven. Game started with Fezglitch causing an LOS turnover with the first move of the game and the Elves scored a defensive TD in turn 3. There was a LOS scuffle with the ball on the ground for most of the rest of the half. Some crucial 1's in turn 6 and 7 meant the Skaven emerged with the ball and a TD. A quick snap and four GFI's using a 'going the extra mile' card meant the elves scored an unanticipated TD to end the half 2-1 up with the ball to start the second. The elves caged but the sneaky skaven easily stripped the ball and some more 1's meant the elves couldn't get it back. The skaven equalised turn 3. The elves protected and drove the ball scoring on turn 8 to go up 3-2. The skaven used a quick snap and Fezgelitch to push a gutter runner three squares down the field to score an easy TD. This game had lots of symmetry: - Fezglitch caused and created a TD. - Both teams scored a turn 3 defensive turnover. - Both teams scored an unconventional 1 turn TD. 2017-09-27 22:00:46