Narrow Tier Blood Bowl League feed Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN Thu, 27 Jul 2017 18:50:44 +0000 OBBLM 0.96 Match: Milk of the Puppet (1) vs. Scrats (2) Top of the table clash. Close game with multiple sackings for both teams. A score each the first half and then in the second the defining moment was when a vamp snaked a gfi whilst sprinting clear and BHed himself. This allowed the rats to collect the ball and eventually (after yet another sacking) get to the other end of the pitch to score the winner. After a horrendous last season, the Scrats have bounced back and have (I think) topped their group. 2017-07-24 22:37:16 Match: The Turkeys of Doom (1) vs. Delting (1) In a very sunny game, the Elves scored in turn 3. There was a scuffle in the middle but the humans broke free and scored near the end of the half. The second half saw a get the ref result early and while the humans lost the benefit of the doubt early the elves got some brutal fouls in and reduced the humans numbers and allowed the elves to contain the offence and briefly steal it. Hilariously the humans took a weeks break before playing turn eight and dodged out of heavy coverage and made a hand off and a double gfi into the endzone.... and then realise they had gone the wrong way. The Elves got another stat freak to go in their collection of stat freaks. 2017-07-19 21:32:02 Match: Memes (0) vs. Old World Kings (2) Vampires scored early on a passing play. Memes struggled to stop the vampires stealing the ball and it looked like a 2nd TD on turn 6, but Memes stripped the ball carrier and threw a long bomb to set up the TD on turn 7. Unfortunately the dark elf ball carrier failed his GFI in the end zone and KO'd himself. The second half was similar, with the vampires stealing the ball and looking to score, but the memes managed to steal the ball and Putin the goblin looked to even the score until he was killed by Romulus. The Vampire pulled off the pitch length pass/hand off play to go up 2-0. 2017-07-16 16:51:39 Match: Testery (0) vs. Dirty Night Rockets (0) Unplayed 2017-07-14 07:12:55 Match: Rat'vengers (4) vs. Tree Huggers (1) Another game for the Tree Huggers, another defeat, probably their lamest in their losers' career. They dropped balls, they knocked themselves off when trying to block, they tripped on their own feet. They somehow managed to score one touchdown, although nobody really understands how this happens. The Rat'vengers, on the other side, had obviously performed some secret ceremony in the Skart tower to please Nuffle. Not only were they better players (nobody doubted that), every thing they tried succeeded, and when they failed, they still managed to succeed. A very unbalanced, but quite fun game in the end. 2017-07-10 11:26:27 Match: The Mighty Blow's (1) vs. Jurasic Thunder (2) With the winner of this game going to the final, there was a lot at stake. The Lizards opened with a blitz on defense, and the Norse countered by having the dauntless player blocking the kroxigor and knocking himself out. With most players marked one to one the Kroxigor was able to tie up the +AG ball handler. For the next three turns the Krox would flatten the Norse-Elf who would stand up, dodge into the tackle zone, grab the ball and run away while the rest of the players hit each other. Eventually the Norse made a passing play and the pattern continued with a blodge skink instead of a kroxigor. The Norse managed to cross the line in turn 8. The Lizards scored quickly in turn 11 while the Norse tried to force a "score or lots of your players go in the crowd" situation which almost worked. For the final drive the Lizards used a card to gain some dwarven runes, but the skink who used them swiftly blew himself up. The Norse drove back down the field under duress from the lizards. but crucially took some both downs on some blocks and sealed the ball carrier in a bad position. The Norse brought a receiver into range to turn a 4+ pass into a 3+ pass (and naturally rolled a 6) meaning instead of being a square from a TD with a turn to go and only vulnerable to a single skink, they were blitzed by a kroxigor and the ball was quickly transferred the length of the field for Lizard victory and playoff berth! 2017-07-10 09:21:31 Match: The Great Northern Light (0) vs. Omnicide (1) Concession/Walk-over 2017-07-04 00:42:32 Match: Omnicide (1) vs. Ladies of Lust (1) Crazy game. In the first half the Khorne team utterly brutalized the Iron Ladies, who eventually had to run away and leave their half of the pitch to the Khorne team. Second half started no better, when the Khorne team Again landed a few dirty hits, leaving the Amazons at just 8 players. However, the girls knew that a loss here would cost them their championship game, and just as all seemed lost, the girls managed to slip through a pretty decent khornate defense. Lord Skulloz the Bloodthirster followed that up with a massive turnover, suddenly making that seemingly impossible TD very possible. And the, just when Things looked good, the AG4 amazon blitzer snaked a Dodge, leaving the ball carrier exposed. The Khorne players pounced, leaving just 2 Amazons for that final play - with the ball on the ground. And what a stellar play it was. TD! So, the Khorne players will be missing the finals. So will 4 Amazons. 2 nursing bruises. And 2 suffereing from a severe case of death. 2017-07-04 00:33:58 Match: Sotek's Shadows (1) vs. Bogenhafen Shadows (0) Concession/walk-over 2017-07-04 00:22:21 Match: Sons of Korhal (1) vs. No Gain No Pain (1) En halvleg til hver 2017-07-03 19:27:29 Match: Tree Huggers (0) vs. Death Amber (3) Easy game for lizzys. The woodies were there usual, clumsy, squishy selves. They took most of the burden of knocking themselves out (or killing themselves) out of the hands of their cold blooded opponents. 2017-06-27 14:51:15 Match: Rat'vengers (2) vs. Deadly Recipe (1) Horrible game for the halflings. The treemen worked their magic, smashing skaven left and right. But everything else - including Puggy - was a total bust. With a Perfect Defense, and rolling snakes on both turn 1 and 2, we were at 0-1 in our own drive by turn 2. After a long grind, we went into 2nd half with 11 players vs. just 6 skaven, but the skaven had the ball. Fairly quickly everything fell apart when both trees rooted to the LOS, Puggy majestically fell over, and the skaven could stall on the goal line for the rest of the half. Ouch. In total we managed 5 snakes i 77 rolls, and 3 double skulls in 22 Blocks. Not a great effort! 2017-06-27 06:33:17 Match: The Bullies (0) vs. Slaanesh Kinksters (1) Walk over. Sadly. 2017-06-23 14:42:12 Match: The Bullies (0) vs. Burgman Beard (1) The Bullies forfeit. 2017-06-21 06:29:35 Match: Scrats (3) vs. Delting (3) A very blood match for the rats. The Humans hitting power was on top form and the only thing that saved them from a huge beating. High casualties and luck with the ball handling allowed the humans to come away with a draw. Thanks for the game 2017-06-21 04:29:41 Match: Gobpoppers (1) vs. Testery (2) Terrible start for the gobbos; 2-0 down at half time, but they almost pulled off a draw. Just being stopped by a card in the end (Hold Them Fast). Thanks for the game, very bloody and good fun. I got very lucky to hold out for the win. 2017-06-15 21:51:57 Match: Pot Belly Jammer (0) vs. The Turkeys of Doom (1) Pot Belly Jammers drop out The Turkeys of Doom get their third win in 17 games since the move to this website. Sadly two of those wins are Forfeits! 2017-06-13 21:46:48 Match: The Great Northern Light (2) vs. Old World Kings (2) The vampire team received a touchback and pushed their way down the pitch, but left some space at the back of the formation which the quick Norse players exploited and sacked the ball carrier in turn 1. The ball bounced a couple of turns and the game degenerated into a brawl on the LOS with a vampire going to the KO box, before the Norse secured the ball The vampires sack attempts succeeded in turn 4 but the Norse quickly recovered the ball and stalled until turn 6 when they needed to score. The vampires received another kick and sent as many players up field as they could, taking the snow troll out the game at the same turn. The Norse provided good defensive coverage but Nuffle decided to keep the game close and a single thrall managed to blitz his way past a superior defender to the end zone with several GFIs and catch a long pass to keep the game close. The Norse had 1 turn before half time and a blizzard whipped up, with the weather then changing again to pouring rain when the players reentered the field after half time. The Norse drove forward decisively and were able to put another Vampire in the KO box but the vampires were able to steal the ball and feed it to a movement enhanced thrall who ran for the endzone, but was permanently taken out of the game by the Norse. By the end of the turn the ball had moved 17 squares back toward the Norse end zone and they were primed to score. The vampires were able to cause a second casualty and force a score by the Norse in turn 3. The vampires needed to score quickly to have a hope of a steal and third touchdown but the Norse defense wouldn't give them an opening. While they were not able to score quickly, they were able to steamroll down the field removing Norse as they went. One lineman made a last ditch attempt to stop the score and would have been killed for his trouble had the apothecary not patched him up. The vampires ran it in on turn 8 to finish the game even. 2017-06-03 08:34:05 Match: The Mighty Blow's (0) vs. Honning Banden (2) Entering the penultimate game as one of the two teams in group B that had won every game the Norse players took their victoryless Orcshire Rippers too lightly. Distracted and looking ahead to the potentially deciding game against the Jurrasic Thunder the Norse came out flat, with the Norse star lineman dropping the ball a lot and falling over on dodges despite his elf like agility. Too many blocks ended with a norse player flat on his back. The mercenary troll with guard and the enhanced movement blitzer were real difference makers in the decisive victory 2017-06-02 18:03:12 Match: The Iron Ladies (2) vs. Tangled Up In Blue (0) The Iron Ladies decision to kick paid off as with the help of an illegal substitution, they managed to steal the ball and get a turnover TD in the last turn of the first half. They then scored their second half way through the 2nd half and almost made a third in a very open end to the game where the Nurgle team could also have managed a consolation TD. A remarkably unbloody game with no casualties made by either team, although quite a few of the rotters and pestigore were knocked unconscious. 2017-05-27 19:25:08