Narrow Tier Blood Bowl League feed Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN Sun, 28 May 2017 16:39:19 +0000 OBBLM 0.96 Match: The Iron Ladies (2) vs. Tangled Up In Blue (0) The Iron Ladies decision to kick paid off as with the help of an illegal substitution, they managed to steal the ball and get a turnover TD in the last turn of the first half. They then scored their second half way through the 2nd half and almost made a third in a very open end to the game where the Nurgle team could also have managed a consolation TD. A remarkably unbloody game with no casualties made by either team, although quite a few of the rotters and pestigore where knocked unconscious. 2017-05-27 19:25:08 Match: Tree Huggers (1) vs. Deadly Recipe (2) Amateur night! 1st half was fairly uneventful, with a TD for either side, and quite a few ugly turnovers. 2nd half saw just 6 Wood elfs facing off against a full halfling team - and then a deluge of early or even first-roll turnovers started. For example, halfling 1st turn: Both treemen rooted, and pick up failed with a reroll (1-1-1-1). Things got super messy, and the Wood elfs had a chance to steal the game, but naturally failed that decisive 2+ pick-up. In the end, the halflings scored the ugliest TD of their short career. 2017-05-27 07:10:08 Match: Bumpy Shadow (2) vs. Honning Banden (0) This match isn't the correct one, it seems that the cabal vision planners got it wrong and sent some orcs in place of the goblins ! Anyway, the Dark elves broke they armor as if it was goblins ones ! And without players the orc coach let the Delf Team score two TDs, one at the end of each drive. Match against Da Orcshire Rippers 2017-05-25 12:57:37 Match: The Bullies (1) vs. Bogenhafen Shadows (0) Walk-over, as Jaqra has had to withdraw from the season 2017-05-22 08:29:30 Match: The Mighty Blow's (2) vs. Black Menace (0) The Norse received and drove up the field, by the second turn the Orcs had commenced a full assault on the Norse formation. The Norse under pressure blitzed a hole and managed to run the ball carrier to safety for a turn 4 score. The Orcs formed a wide screen in attempt to counter score. The Norse were able to hold off the attempt long enough to go into the half 1-0. The Orcs attempts to score in the second half were foiled by not being able to pick up the ball. By the time they did they were under too much pressure and the Norse were able to steal the ball and stall for a turn 14 score. The Orcs were out of rerolls and couldn't counter score. 3 Orcs went into the crowd, and the Norse did better on KO's and Casualties until very late in the game when it no longer mattered, 2017-05-20 08:10:28 Match: Burgman Beard (0) vs. Sotek's Shadows (2) A match played mostly in the sweltering heat, saw the dwarves receiving first and a plucky longbeard caught the ball! He sauntered towards the endzone, but the pressure came on from the big lizards. The sun was eclipsed which saw Morg trip over his laces and injure himself and give the lizards a shot at the ball carrier. After the scoreless first half, the lizards received and the touchback was handed to a saurus, who made it to the endzone fairly quickly. The exertion had taken a lot out of the dwarves, as 3 of them succumbed to heatstroke following the drive. The lack of numbers saw the speedy saurus able to blitz the runner down in the backfield, and eventually one of the skinks made it over to sneak a defensive score. Thanks for the game Basement Dweller, good luck for the rest of the season :) 2017-05-18 12:50:22 Match: Slaanesh Kinksters (1) vs. Bogenhafen Shadows (0) Walk-over 2017-05-13 08:27:14 Match: Delting (3) vs. Pot Belly Jammer (0) A tough game for the Ogres, not a single casualty. Thanks for the game and all the best for the rest of the season 2017-05-12 04:57:14 Match: Bogenhafen Shadows (0) vs. Burgman Beard (1) Walk-over 2017-05-10 07:38:30 Match: Omnicide (2) vs. Old World Kings (1) Having chosen to kick off to the Khorne team in the poring rain, the vampire team snuck a spiky ball on to the pitch. This blatant cheating greatly offended the Khorne team who inflicted casualties on two of the most skilled vampires on turn 1. The first half was messy, with plenty of players dropping the ball, but not as many of them being hurt by the stab skill as the vampire coach was hoping for. The loss of the vampires early, plus the loss of a third a bit later meant that ultimately the Khorne emerged from the mud and the mess with a TD. The vampires all regenerated and lead a quick and spirited drive down the field. A TD looked secured until the crucial moment when the vampire with the ball snake eyed his dodge. The Khorne team whipped the ball down field for a second TD. The vampires were able to drive the ball down the field a second time, and using a blitz, two gazes a dodge and two GFI's were able to score before the clock ran down. 2017-05-06 06:51:06 Match: Testery (1) vs. Khornes Flakes (1) A very close game, Khrone should have had a TD on the last turn but the fans started to throw souvenir balls at the ball carrier and knocked him down on the way to an open TD (Played card 'Incoming') Very lucky game for me, Thanks for the game 2017-05-03 08:15:28 Match: Honning Banden (1) vs. Jurasic Thunder (2) This game was played vs an Orc team by new coach Michael Stowell will be updated at end of season 2017-05-02 09:47:44 Match: Black Menace (1) vs. Bumpy Shadow (1) The game was great, with an hard start for me(Bumpy Shadows) but at the end of the day Black Orcs keept ruining they Coach hopes by failling to hit those meanies elvens. 2017-04-30 19:54:54 Match: Deadly Recipe (0) vs. Dark Side of the Pitch (3) Genuinely horrible game for the flings. So far the Master Chef hasn't really been worth it. 2017-04-26 10:47:57 Match: Tomb Town Travelers (1) vs. Redcap Runners (2) The Redcap Runners managed an early score and held off the Tomb Town Travelers to finish the first half with a one-nil lead. However with only 8 players left the second half was looking difficult; that was until the Throw-Ra failed the pick up allowing the Goblin Air Delivery service to get a second score for the Green Runts. The Travelers made a quick rush to score and then tried to recover the ball from the Redcap's. They managed to eventually get the ball loose but boney bones are not good at catching and a couple of missed catches sealed the game in the Goblin's favour. To add to the post game celebrations Pukk the Pogoer improved his agility making him into the teams super-star. 2017-04-21 23:38:48 Match: Sotek's Shadows (3) vs. Slaanesh Kinksters (1) Skinky shenanigans led to a defensive TD for the Shadows, with a routine score for each team following early in the second half. More stunty shenanigans saw the ball handed off to the speedy saurus who ran in the third for the lizards, only for the kroxigor to blitz through from the kick off and catch it. Thanks for the game Max, good luck for the rest of the season :) 2017-04-20 08:30:34 Match: Rat'vengers (3) vs. Death Amber (2) Twicely rats coutered my Lézards on my offense during first half. Too late to hope to win this game :( Good game Fabrice ;) 2017-04-19 07:46:33 Match: The Turkeys of Doom (1) vs. Scrats (5) Nuffle was smiling on the rats this game. After a reasonably straightforward first TD for the rats, their super agile, horned Mach 1 grunner managed to waltz into the elven cage to POW the ball carrier, the ball was then expertly collected and passed up by Rushing Rodney to a waiting rat who held it up before Rushing Rodney went onto collect the ball and get the second TD just before halftime. The rats then got a blitz on the kick off table at the beginning of the second half, Mach 1 got under the ball, caught it and then ran it in for 3-0 lead. A couple of quick scores a piece for each team followed before Mach 1 and Rushing Rodney provided a repeat of their antics before to allow for the fifth TD. 2017-04-16 17:15:21 Match: Old World Kings (1) vs. Ladies of Lust (2) A game of superior stats vs superior skills. The vampires had significant strength, agility and armour advantages but were sorely lacking in core skills. The amazons had almost three times the block and wrestle, some well positioned guard to ensure the Vampires could apply their strength advantage in the crucial spots and the ever useful dodge. The Amazon coach did a great job of ensuring the players with the right skills were in the right place, which combined with skills that meant the amazons were very hard to bring down made resulted in a game a lot less close than the score indicates. The amazons elected to defend and kicked to the vampires who caged up. The amazons played passively for two turns, looking like they were going to play an elven column defence. Then they sprung the trap and surrounded the cage. The vampires desperately tried to clear space but the vampires superior strength and agility was not a match for the amazons reliability. The vampires made a desperation throw and got within TD range but the amazons were able to steal the ball move it up field and score a TD as the half ended. The pro vampire crowd invaded the pitch in the second half giving the vampires a chance to steal the ball but they couldn't bring the ball carrier down. Gaze meant regular chances to hit the ball carrier but Blodge and guard ensured those hits never dislodged the ball and a TD occurred on turn 5. The vampires positioned to try and score a two turn TD to have a chance to force the draw. The Amazons used all their players to shut down that option and guarantee the win which left the vampires open to score an easy but fruitless TD 2017-04-09 13:44:00 Match: Scrats (2) vs. Pot Belly Jammer (0) A long drive from the rats in the first half gave them the first score, the Ogres nearly equalised, but the Snot went splat and the rats were able to get the ball and score the turnover TD. In the second half the Ogres got to mid-pitch and almost scored again, but the Snot, whilst trying to go The Extra Mile tripped up in the endzone and injured himself. The rats got the ball to mid-pitch again where it just stayed with both teams rolling multiple skulls and ones to ensure that no more TDs were scored, Nuffle was having a field day. 2017-04-01 20:13:14