Hi all,
perhaps not the most pleasant thing to read/write - but it has to be said:

No cheating - please leave your ego at the door.
There are no cash prizes. We are playing to have fun. No reason to cheat.

The client has some cheat built in cheat detection. And I have a more thorough cheat detection program to run flagged files throug.
But I am sure a truly focused effort could find a way around these. Or perhaps the client could be hacked.

On top of that, please follow these 3 simple rules:
1. Never quit without saving. If you absolutely have to save mid-turn, then do. But please play your turn in one go and then save.
2. Never delete the log. If you have to redo a mistake, then please reset the pieces manually rather than rewind/delete the log.
3. Please only play on one computer if you can. If you cannot then 2 are allowed. But no more than 2.

Thanks all